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The Best Vegan Food in Krabi/Railay Beach, Thailand

Krabi and Railay Vegan Food Tour- Your guide to Plant-Based Ao Nang and Railay Beach!

Krabi Province is located in central Thailand and is home to the world famous Railay Beach. I stayed in the Ao Nang/Railay area for about a week and did my best to find great vegan options in Krabi. Unfortunately, this provinces’ vegan offerings were not as impressive as other regions of Thailand I have visited on this trip. There are very few veggie restaurants and the omni-restaurants offer much less veggie options than other parts of Thailand. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this area very much.

Railay Beach

Railay Beach was for sure my favorite part of Thailand so far. The gorgeous cliffside are straight out of the film Avatar. At sunset, thousands of bats darken the sky as they fly around feasting. Be sure to do some hiking while in Railay. The views are spectacular!

Ao Nang had the vibe of Phuket but not nearly as crazy busy, which was nice. There is plenty to see and explore in downtown Ao Nang, especially on the weekends. Check out my Krabi and Railay vegan food guide!

1. Raitalay Terrace at Rayavadee Resort

Raitalay Terrace
Thai Red Curry with Tofu and White Rice
Raitalay Terrace
Lon Indo

Raitalay Terrace at Rayavadee Resort, a luxury Krabi resort, is located directly on the breathtaking Railay Beach. From the service to the food and drinks, everything about this restaurant was fine dining. Their vegan/vegetarian menu was truly some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had. Offering very traditional Thai dishes, Raitalay Terrace exceeded expectations for Thai cuisine. Although their menu is not vegan, the vegan/vegetarian options are very clearly marked. Keep in mind that this restaurant is not always open to the public but if you are able to get in, it’ll be well worth the steep price. This would be my first pick for a vegan night out! Website: https://www.rayavadee.com/en/raitalay-terrace.php

2. Govinda’s Restaurant Ao Nang

Falafel Burger

Being the only vegetarian restaurant in Ao Nang, Govinda’s is a lovely place to eat if you are spending time in this part of Krabi. Offering both a buffet and a la carte menu option, there is something for everyone at Govinda’s. Although they mostly specialize in Thai food, the Western offerings were quite delicious as well as their Indian dishes. Most people would be able to find something they’d like on the menu here. The restaurant is located slightly away from the hustle of the main beach road, making it a little more chill and relaxed. I definitely recommend trying out Govinda’s, especially since they are the only vegetarian restaurant in the area! Website: https://govindasaonang.business.site/

3. Govinda’s at Railay Beach

Govinda's Railay
Vegan Chick’n Wrap
Govinda's Railay
Vegan Hot Dog

Offering vegan favorites from their restaurant in Ao Nang, Govinda’s at Railay Beach is a food stand on the main walking road of this beach. The menu here offers burgers, chick’n wraps, hot dogs, and many more beach classics in vegan form. As far as I know, this is the only vegan specific restaurant in all of Railay Beach, with only three non-vegan items. I only wish they had a larger restaurant style setup but maybe that will be coming at some point. Govinda’s food stand is a great spot to grab a wrap, setup on the nearby beach, and have a wonderful picnic with some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable. Website: https://govindasaonang.business.site/

Veggie Options Overview

Krabi/Railay offers some truly incredible experiences from the gorgeous cliffs to beautiful beaches, and some nice veggie food available. This area is by no means a vegan destination like some others in Thailand that I have visited. Not only was there a smaller than usual amount of vegan restaurants, the vegan options at non-vegan places was underwhelming as well. If you are traveling to this area, be sure to check out these places I’ve mentioned. Just don’t expect it to be like Koh Samui or Koh Phangan, because the veggie offerings are much different.

As always there are restaurants I was unable to visit during my stay due to time restraints and location. Krabi’s Old Town is notorious for having a nice vegan scene, but I was unable to make it over there to visit. A simple vegan GoogleMaps search can at least show you some options. If there were any vegan restaurants I missed that you think are a must visit, let me know!

Check out my other guides of the best vegan food in different regions of Thailand here!

Thank you all for checking out my latest post. Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with my travels and see more wonderful vegetarian/vegan food options from around the world!


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