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Travel With Hayden Travel Blog About Page

About Travel with Hayden

Hello and welcome! My name is Hayden and this is my travel blog. I am a digital nomad who has been traveling the world full time for over 2 years. My goal is to travel full time for at least the next 5 years. I have a strong passion for travel and learning about the different ways people live. I am a full time travel content writer and content creator.

On my travel blog, you will find travel guides, travel tips and tricks and more from all of the locations that I visit. Unlike other travel content creators who move quickly from place to place, I am a slow traveler. This means I spend at least a month in each location, allowing for me to take a deeper dive into wherever I am living and learn more about the local culture and hidden gems of each area.

Slow travel is my preferred way to experience the world as it allows me time to settle into an area. Slow traveling is also one of the best ways to make traveling full time more affordable, since the largest costs of travel are often the physical travel itself. By staying in areas longer, I am able to live more affordably. Through this way of traveling I hope to be able to provide more wisdom than the average tourist.

I genuinely hope you find the information on this travel blog to be informative and helpful to whatever your travel needs may be. I am always interested in connecting with those who read my blog so please feel free to message me on any of my social accounts or email me directly. Thank you for visiting my travel blog!