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Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen- Vegan & Vegetarian

Your guide to eating plant-based at Coastal Kitchen on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line!

Coastal Kitchen is a specialty restaurant on Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis-class” cruise ships available exclusively for Suite Guests and Pinnacle Club members. The restaurant, which is described as “Tuscan Fare with Cali Flair”, was truly a wonderful dining experience. Focusing on “healthier” dining options prepared with unique and high-end meals, Coastal Kitchen is one of Royal Caribbean’s best dining options. Cruise in style and come enjoy this Coastal Kitchen Royal Caribbean Vegan and Vegetarian guide.

Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen

Although I was not a suite-class guest on this cruise, my family who I travelled with was. We did not realize until we were on the ship that I would not be able to join my family in the Coastal Kitchen, but they did make an exception for two meals. We were under the impression that since we purchased The Key that we would be allowed to dine here but that is NOT the case. Just be aware of that if you decide to purchase the key for your cruise.

The overall aesthetic of Coastal Kitchen is very “Cali-grill”, with beautiful floor to ceiling windows offering a gorgeous view over the ship. Comfortable booths, beautiful flatware and dining-ware, and overall nice design. Be sure to request a table by the window for a fantastic view while out at sea!

Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen Vegan/ Vegetarian Guide

Our Meal

Coastal Kitchen doesn’t offer a specialty vegan menu like the main dining room, but there are plenty of vegetarian options listed on the regular menu. As I am vegetarian and not vegan, this was not a problem for me. Be sure to mention to your server if you need vegan options. The entire staff is very accommodating to special requests.

Meal One

Our first lunch at Coastal Kitchen was on embarkation day. I had their soup of the day(cream of mushroom), a vegetarian wrap with french fries, and a delicious chocolate tart. In the excitement of start of the trip, I forgot to take pictures of anything from my first meal. Please forgive me. But it was absolutely delicious.

Meal Two

My second lunch at Coastal Kitchen was amazing. There were several vegetarian options on the menu of the day. The staff was very knowledgable about the ever-changing menus, so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen
Parmesan and Truffle Risotto

As my appetizer, I chose to have the parmesan and truffle risotto. I was blown away by this appetizer. The flavor was out of this world. I truly love anything involving truffle, and they really prepared this dish well.

Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen Vegan Vegetarian
Parmesan and Truffle Tortellini

For my main course, I had their tortellini which was also served with the same parmesan and truffle preparation. This dish was just as good as the risotto, albeit very similar in taste. I think the particular flavor profile worked better with risotto than the tortellini, but that’s just a personal preference.

Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen Vegan Vegetarian
Chocolate Praline Tart with Raspberry Sorbet

For dessert, I had the mouthwatering chocolate praline tart served with raspberry sorbet. It’s hard to pick a favorite dessert from the ship, but this may have been my pick for best dessert. This veggie loves anything chocolate and pairing it with raspberry sorbet complimented the dessert very well.

Overall Thoughts

The quality of food and personalized level of service was incredibly impressive at Coastal Kitchen. In comparison to the standard dining options offered on Royal Caribbean, Coastal Kitchen definitely offered a major step above the rest.

I have no idea how the staff is able to remember thousands of new names each week, but the service staff always remembered my families names. The level of service was very impressive for many reasons. The small things, like crumbing between courses, really makes a difference in the overall experience. These small touches really made for a fantastic expereince.

Overall, I highly recommend Coastal Kitchen if you have the opportunity to dine here during your cruise. This Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen Vegan Vegetarian guide was very easy to make, as the restaurants quality will truly speak for itself. Don’t miss out on this one!

I hope you enjoyed this Royal Caribbean Coastal Kitchen Vegan Vegetarian guide. If you found this content useful, be sure to follow me on social media to stay up to date with my latest travels and veggie-related travel content!


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