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Sunset cruise in NYC

My Sunset Cruise in NYC-Sunset Sail New York City

Recently I had the immense pleasure of spending an entire month in the great city of New York City. While there are countless things to do, my favorite experience from the entire month was my sunset cruise in NYC. My experience on a sunset sail around New York City is definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life. This blog post will be slightly different format from my usual content. My goal is to provide a transparent review style post for you to reference. I took a sunset cruise in NYC with Classic Harbor Line out of Chelsea. This is my experience.

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Sunset Cruise in NYC with Classic Harbor Line

Sunset sail New York city

First of all, if you are considering doing a sunset sail around New York City do not even hesitate. Depending on which cruise you choose to do the cost will vary. But if you are able to afford the experience, I can’t recommend it enough. Not only do you get to sail on a beautiful sailboat. You will see vantage points of the city that are so incredible that it is totally worth the price.

While there are multiple companies with which you can sunset sail around New York City, I personally chose to go with Classic Harbor Line. This post is not sponsored and is my personal opinion. Classic Harbor Line operates out of Chelsea and their ships leave directly from the Chelsea Pier. They offer a wide range of harbor cruises including sailing and motor boats. Also, they offer cruises with dinner service, live jazz, party boats, and many other options. Be sure to check out their main website for more information.

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My Experience with Classic Harbor Line for a Sunset Sail New York City

sunset cruise in nyc

We chose to do the sunset sail around New York City with Classic Harbor Line. The reason is because the ship looked absolutely beautiful from the pictures. We started off at Chelsea Piers where we boarded the sailboat. Thankfully due to rain earlier in the day, many people had cancelled their booking. We had almost the entire sailboat to ourselves. We paid $86 per person for general admission. While this is not cheap by any means, I definitely feel like we got our money’s worth.

To start out, the entire crew got us going out of Chelsea Piers and offered us our complimentary first round of drinks, we opted for the wine. You can pay for additional wine or beer throughout the sail. We found that if you are nice to the crew, they may give you an additional free glass of wine or two. At least that was my personal experience. The wine was delicious and made for a great experience. Once we got out of the main dock slip, they brought out the sails and we were off. The views of lower Manhattan were absolutely phenomenal.

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Sailing Past the Statue of Liberty

Sunset sail New York city

Once we got the sails going, the crew took us out past the Statue of Liberty. We got so close to her I could see every little detail. Although we did not get off the sailboat and walk around Liberty Island, this was a phenomenal way to see the Statue of Liberty. There were no other boats around and since it was near sunset, there was nobody on Liberty Island.

If you are considering taking a day trip to the Statue of Liberty but don’t intend to spend too much time there, maybe consider putting that money to this sunset cruise in NYC. Not only is it a more memorable experience, but you save the money that you would have spent packed on a ferry with a bunch of people.

Sunset sail in NYC

I have seen the Statue of LIberty many times before, but seeing it from a beautiful sailboat at sunset has to be the best way to view lady Liberty. It really does not get any better than this. The crew stopped the boat for quite some time to allow everyone plenty of time to get pictures in front of the statue. The crew of the ship were so incredibly nice and accommodating.

Sailing back to Chelsea Piers

sunset sail new york city

The entire sunset cruise in NYC went out to the Statue of Liberty and then returned to Chelsea Piers. It was on the way back to Chelsea Piers that the sun started to set and turned the entire island of Manhattan orange. It was truly a breathtaking sight.

One of my favorite parts of this sunset cruise in NYC was that every single second there was something new to see. Whether that was the same city view with a different shade of orange, the Statue of Liberty with a silhouette view, or whatever it was. The sail back to Chelsea Piers was certainly bittersweet. I was very sad that out sunset cruise in NYC was coming to an end. But the views of lower Manhattan on the way back were just as beautiful as anything else during the entire sail. Our sunset sail New York City style was definitely one for the books.

Sunset Cruise in NYC with Classic Harbor Line conclusion

Sunset cruise in NYC

For the best sunset sail New York City, you definitely have to give this a try. Both my partner and I had the most fantastic time on this sunset cruise in NYC. I would like to say a huge thank you to any crew members who read this for providing such a great experience for us. It was the sail itself paired with fantastic service from all of the crew members that truly made this a fantastic sunset cruise in NYC. After spending so much money on this sunset sail New York City, check out my guide to some free things to do here.

Thank you all so much for checking out this blog post. I hope that you found it informative. Hopefully if you decide to do a sunset cruise in NYC, you choose to go with Classic Harbor Line as well. If I am ever in the city again, I will definitely be doing this again. Maybe this time I will do their sunset sail with live jazz music. Be sure to follow me on social media to stay up to date on all of my travel content. Thanks again!

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