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Best Restaurants in Porto Portugal for Vegan Food-Porto Vegan Guide

If you’re vegan and traveling to Porto, Portugal, you’re in luck! There are plenty of great vegan restaurants in the city. In addition to the vegan restaurants in Porto, there are many great non-vegan restaurants to find vegan food as well. I just recently finished an entire month long stay in this city and loved it. I was very surprised at how many amazing vegan restaurants Porto has. From fine dining to quick service casual, Porto has it all. In this Porto Vegan Guide, I’ll be going over my top picks for the best restaurants in Porto Portugal for vegans and vegetarians. So let’s get into it!

Best Restaurants in Porto Portugal for Vegans and Vegetarians

1. Zen Wonderland

porto vegan
Build Your Own Vegan Burger from Zen Wonderland

Without a doubt, my favorite vegan restaurant in Porto has to be Zen Wonderland. I visited this amazing restaurant far too many times to mention during my month long stay. The food is fantastic, the service is great, and vibes are adorable. It is a really chill space. The entire restaurant is vegan, and everything is delicious. They are popular for their ”build-your-own burgers” with colorful buns and ingredients. I got something different every time I visited Zen Wonderland and enjoyed my food every single time.

They have bean burgers, fake meat burgers, and much more. In addition to their burgers, they also have a ramen dish that is to die for. Be sure to try one of their milkshakes as well. These are absolutely delicious. Zen Wonderland is definitely one of the best restaurants in Porto Portugal for vegan food. If you only time to visit one of the Porto vegan options on this list, make it Zen Wonderland.

porto vegan
Another Build Your Own Vegan Burger at Zen Wonderland with Loaded Cheese Fries

2. Jardineiro

porto vegan
Tofu Wellington from Jardineiro

One of the best restaurants in Porto Portugal for vegan food has to be Jardineiro. Honestly, even non-vegans would love this place. This fine dining restaurant is amazing and one of the best dining experiences I had in all of Portugal. Everything is very high-end, from the service to the quality of the food to the design of the restaurant. The service at Jardineiro was so incredible, they never missed a beat. As someone who used to be a server at a high-end restaurant, I was very impressed with the quality of service at Jardineiro.

As expected, the food at Jardineiro was out of this world amazing. From the appetizer to the tofu wellington to the creme brûlée, everything was delicious. I highly recommend making a reservation, as this restaurant fills up pretty quickly during peak season. It is easily one of the best restaurants in Porto Portugal for both vegans and non-vegans alike. You should most certainly make this Porto vegan restaurant a must-visit!

porto vegan
Vegan Creme Brûlée from Jardineiro

3. Apuro Vegan Bar

porto vegan
Black Bean Burger from Apuro Vegan Bar

For a more casual option for Porto vegan food, be sure to come to Apuro Vegan Bar. Apuro is as much a restaurant as it is a bar. They often have live music and the atmosphere is very fun. The bar has a really nice drink list and great craft beers. Craft beer is not a typical thing in Portugal so it’s nice to find this place. The food was very delicious as well. Pretty typical vegan fare like burgers and bowls and such. All very delicious though. This is probably one of the best restaurants in Porto Portugal for vegans that is very casual. It is located in the arts district, so be sure to have a walk around after your meal to enjoy the artsy scene.

4. Root & Vine

best restaurants in porto portugal
Parsnip Wellington from Root & Vine

Located across the river in the Gaia district, Root & Vine is a very nice restaurant in the newish WOW(World of Wine) district. This is a completely vegetarian restaurant, with many vegan options as well. I am sure that many of the items that are vegetarian could be modified for vegans as well. The views of the city from Root & Vine are absolutely incredible. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, with the best views being from their outdoor seating. I got the parsnip wellington and it was absolutely delicious. If you are spending a day on the Gaia side of the river, this will be one of the best restaurants in Porto Portugal for you to eat at on this side. There are not many other plant-based options in the Gaia neighborhood.

5. Kind Kitchen

best restaurants in porto portugal
Vegan Schnitzel Burger from Kind Kitchen

Kind Kitchen is another one of the best restaurants in Porto Portugal for vegans and vegetarians. The entire menu is vegan, and quite delicious. It is actually quite difficult to get a table here. The restaurant itself is very small with only a handful of tables. The food is quite delicious. I wouldn’t say that it is anything mind blowing, but standard vegan fare. The restaurant itself is very cute and the service was good. A great option for a vegan meal in Porto Portugal.

6. Vegana by Tentugal

best restaurants in porto portugal
Grocery Section of Vegana by Tentugal

Vegana by Tentugal is a vegan restaurant that also has a vegan grocery section attached. It is one of the best places in Porto to buy vegan products such as vegan meats, vegan cheese, and much much more. The restaurant portion makes great sandwiches at a very affordable price. They also make vegan pastel de nata, which I haven’t seen anywhere else in Porto. The market is great for shopping to make some vegan meals at home. This is definitely the best place in all of Porto to buy vegan goods. They also have other health minded food like gluten-free and no-sugar products. Not necessarily one of the best restaurants in Porto Portugal, but a very affordable and nice place.

7. DUH! Vegan

best restaurants in porto portugal
Vegan Donut at DUH Vegan

DUH Vegan is a small shop in a cute alleyway that sells vegan donuts. They also have some drinks such as espresso and others. These are some of the best vegan donuts I’ve ever had actually. Typically, vegan donuts lack the fluffy texture that normal donuts have. Often, vegan donuts come out more cake-like than anything else. But these had a great texture and very delicious flavor. If you are in the mood for a quick afternoon treat, DUH vegan is one of the best options for a Porto vegan dessert.

8. My Green Pastry

best restaurants in porto portugal
Chocolate Mousse at My Green Pastry

My Green Pastry is a fully vegan pastry shop with drinks and light fare. I only visited once, to have an afternoon latte and dessert. The cafe itself is absolutely adorable, with a very quaint interior. The dessert I got was the chocolate mousse and it was delicious. You would never be able to tell it was vegan. Unfortunately, the latte was absolutely horrible. Finding a good latte in Portugal has actually been a bit difficult. I highly recommend My Green Pastry for some good Porto vegan desserts, but maybe just skip the coffee.

9. DaTerra Mercado Beiro-Rio

best restaurants in porto portugal
Outside of Mercado Beiro Rio

Located in the Mercado Beiro Rio on the Gaia side of the Douro River, DaTerra is a vegan buffet style food stand. The Mercado Beiro Rio is a marketplace for food vendors, with every kind of food you could imagine. There is a fully vegan stand, DaTerra, that you can get light fare at. They have full meals, and everything is already prepared. I did not actually ever eat here, but I have heard from others that the food is good. It is by no means the most exciting Porto vegan option on this list, but it will do in a pinch.

Best Restaurants in Porto Portugal Conclusion

As you can see, there certainly are a lot of amazing Porto vegan options. I certainly was relieved by how amazing the vegan scene in Porto is. The food everywhere I went was absolutely delicious. I hope that some of these best restaurants in Porto Portugal for vegans has inspired you for your next visit to this amazing city. Porto is certainly my favorite city in all of Portugal, and one of my favorites in all of Europe. Lisbon also has a fantastic vegan scene with many delicious vegan restaurants. If you are interested in the vegan scene in Lisbon, be sure to check out my full vegan Lisbon guide here. Also, be sure to check out the rest of my content on Portugal for your trip.

I hope that you found this ”Porto Vegan Guide” to be useful and informative. If you did, please consider sharing it with your friends and fellow travelers. Also, be sure to sign up for my e-mail list to be notified when I post new content. You can follow me on social media as well for up-to-date content. Thank you so much for visiting my travel blog!

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