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Curacao Vegan Guide

Restaurants on Curacao with Vegan Options-Curacao Vegan Guide

Typically traveling through the Caribbean as a plant-based traveler can be difficult. Caribbean cuisine is well known for its jerk chicken, seafood, and other animal-based heavy foods. I was very pleasantly surprised when I came to Curacao and found vegan options everywhere. There are lots of great restaurants on Curacao with vegan options. You definitely will have an easy time on this island as a vegan traveler. I had the great pleasure of spending 3 months on this gorgeous Caribbean island and have explored every last inch of the island. In this Curacao vegan guide, I’ll be going over my picks for the best restaurants on Curacao that are either vegan or have vegan options. Keep in mind these are just my personal opinions from my own personal experiences.

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The Best Vegan Options at Restaurants on Curacao

1. Maira’s Kitchen

restaurants on curacao
Falafel Pita from Maira’s Kitchen

Without a doubt, one of my favorites restaurants on Curacao with vegan options is Maira’s Kitchen in downtown Willemstad. This Mediterranean restaurant is located in the Otrabanda neighborhood just a few minutes walk from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist area. They have many options for plant-based eaters and they are all fantastic. This is not a vegan restaurant but they definitely have some great options. My favorite is their falafel pita with beet hummus but everything I’ve had from here has been great. The restaurant itself is beautiful and casual. I came here many times during my time in Curacao. It is definitely my top pick for Curacao vegan food.

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2. Sweet and Blue

Vegan Chick’n Kapsalon and Black Bean Burger from Sweet and Blue

If you are looking for the best restaurants on Curacao with the MOST vegan options, then Sweet and Blue is for you. Located on the outskirts of town, this mostly vegan restaurant does casual right. If you don’t put the restaurant into your GPS, you are likely to miss it. But this is one not to miss. They have a great menu with changing weekly specials that are equally as good. The price is always affordable but fair. The location is not as fancy as some of the others on this list, but it’s about the food.

3. Hofi Cas Cora

Buckwheat Sweet Pancakes with Date Syrup, Chickpea Savory Pancakes and Vegan Soup of the day from Hofi Cas Cora

Hofi Cas Cora is a farm-to-table restaurant that has many delicious vegan options. The farm itself also offers a farmer’s market selling locals goods and produce during the week. The menu isn’t entirely vegan but they have a lot of options. I’m pretty sure that they are only open for brunch but don’t quote me on that. Reservations are definitely recommended because this place can fill up quickly. They do a fantastic brunch with some delicious cocktails as well. After you come to have a meal, be sure to wander around the farm. They have farm animals such as horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and donkeys. It makes for a fun afternoon after you’ve had a great meal. You can also walk through their produce farm and see all of the local produce.

4. Bario Urban Street Food

Curacao Vegan
Bario Urban Street Food entrance

For one of the best restaurants on Curacao with cool vibes and a great atmosphere, you have to come to Bario Urban Street Food. Connected to the Bario Hotel, which is also a phenomenal hotel, this food court-style restaurant has some great food and cocktails. On my first visit, they had a few vegan options but during my stay on the island, they introduced an entirely vegan menu. There are multiple vendors located inside the Bario Urban Street Food and one of them has an entirely plant-based menu inspired by Caribbean cuisine. And let me tell you, it’s all delicious. Pair that with some fantastic cocktails and music, and you have a really fun night out in Curacao.

5. Van Gogh Coffee

restaurants on curacao
Hummus Avocado Sourdough Sandwich with Gazpacho

For the best coffee on the island, come to Van Gogh Coffee in Pietermaii in downtown Willemstad. Hands down the best coffee shop on the entire island. They have a beautiful coffee shop in a nice old colonial building and even a drive-thru. And on top of that, they have some fantastic Curacao vegan food as well. My favorite is their hummus and avocado toast as pictured above. Pair that with an oat milk latte and I am in heaven. If you are a digital nomad like me, this is also a great place to come work for the day. They have fast wifi, lots of seating both indoors and outdoors, and once again the best coffee to power you through your work. We came here many times during our time here and I loved every single visit. I’m sure you will too.

6. Temari Sushi

Curacao Vegan
Vegan Sushi Assortment from Temari Sushi Curacao

Temari Sushi is located in the Pietermaii district of downtown Willemstad and has a full vegan sushi menu. And I’m not just talking about a basic cucumber roll. They have very inventive rolls with interesting ingredients that I’ve never seen in veggie sushi before. In addition to vegan sushi, they also have lots of noodle dishes with tofu and other typical Asian restaurant items. They even have an all-you-can-eat option at certain times on certain days of the week so be sure to check with them about that. I’ve never had a bad meal here and always walk away feeling very satisfied. Be sure to give them a try!

7. Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur De Rouville

Banana Soup with views of the Willemstad waterfront at Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur De Rouville

One of the most popular restaurants on Curacao is the Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur De Rouville. This historic and beautiful restaurant boasts one of the best views of the iconic Willemstad waterfront and great food too! I recommend coming for lunch and getting their vegan burger. This burger sometimes changes but is now offered with a Beyond Meat patty and is delicious. It also comes with vegan cheese and some vegan bacon that was so delicious I made them double check that it was vegan. I have never in my life had vegan bacon taste so good. That coupled with the gorgeous views of downtown and great service, this restaurant is one not to be missed! They also have a banana soup that is one of my favorite soups I’ve ever had. You may not think banana soup is something to try, but you simply have to give it a try. It’s that good!

Beyond Burger with vegan cheese and vegan bacon

8. Number Ten

Number Ten is one of my favorite restaurants on Curacao. The food is incredible. The atmosphere is really nice. All around good vibes. This restaurant is located in the suburbs of Willemstad and you would honestly never even know it exists without being told first. It’s on a need-to-know basis. They have a few vegetarian options that can be made vegan with the right adjustments. They make fantastic coffee drinks too. Be sure to make a reservation because this place fills up very quickly.

restaurants on curacao
Cathedral of Thorns

Not related to food, but while you are at Number Ten, be sure to check out the Cathedral of Thorns right next to it. This newish art installation is, you guessed it, made entirely of thorns. Not only is the structure itself a work of art, but it also houses local art of all kinds and is super unique. You do have to pay to get in but I think it is worth the cost. They even sometimes have events at night where the ”cathedral” is lit up. I highly recommend this experience.

9. La Boheme Curacao

For some affordable and delicious light fare, come to La Boheme in downtown Willemstad. This cafe has only one vegan food option, a vegan arepa which is delicious, but they also have fantastic smoothies and fresh-pressed juices. This place is like a 5-minute walk from the waterfront on the Punda side of the town and is super casual. They have great cocktails as well, my favorite being their rum old-fashioned. They have fantastic fresh-pressed juices as well so it’s a great place for people that don’t drink alcohol as well. And the price is very affordable so it’s a great casual option.

10. Fort Nassau

Fort Nassau Entrance

For a truly unforgettable dinner at one of the more expensive restaurants on Curacao, come to Fort Nassau. This is probably one of the higher-end restaurants on this list but totally worth the splurge. The restaurant is situated in an old fort that overlooks downtown Willemstad and is an absolute must for sunset lovers. They don’t have anything on their menu that is automatically vegan, but they have a few dishes that can have tofu substituted. Be sure to mention to the server that you are vegan and they will be sure to make the proper changes. The service here is fantastic and the views are some of the best on the island. A reservation is a must, especially during the busy season. Everything at Fort Nassau is fantastic. Be sure to come a little early to walk around the fort and explore!

Sunset from Fort Nassau Restaurant

11. Bliss the Berry

Bliss the Berry is the newest addition to this list, having just opened a few weeks before we left. This restaurant is located in the Mambo Beach shopping and dining area and is mostly acai bowls, smoothies, and things similar to that. They do also have some food, but it’s all about their beautiful acai bowls here. They also have some pretty good coffee, all being very colorful. I wouldn’t say they are the best acai bowls I’ve ever seen, nothing compared to Bali, but they were good enough in their own right. If you are at Mambo Beach, it’s great to have a healthier option.

12. La Reina Coffeeshop

Located in Pietermaii, La Reina coffeeshop is attached to a boutique hotel as well as a cute boutique shop. Both the coffee shop and store have a bohemian chic kind of vibe that reminds me a little bit of Bali. They have some pretty good coffee drinks and some light vegan options. I think only one of their food items is vegan but there are several that can be made vegan. The food is nothing incredible, mostly consisting of grain bowls and such but it’s a good casual quick meal. There is also a sit-down restaurant next to it that has views of the ocean with some plant-based options. I think they are affiliated with each other but I’m not 100% sure. Either way, both are worth a stop if you are in Pietermaii.

Curacao Vegan Event

Curacao Vegan Event
Vegan Curacao Event at Hofi Cas Cora

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Curacao during one of their vegan events, you absolutely must go. Held at the restaurant I mentioned before, Hofi Cas Cora, the ”Curacao Vegan Event” is a super fun event where vegan vendors from all over the island come to set up stands with food and goods to buy. There are also drinks and occasionally a live speaker. You do have to pay to get in but it is very affordable and definitely worth it. Also, you can walk around the farm and hang out with the animals if you’re introverted like me.

Vegan Curacao Event Vendors at Hofi Cas Cora

These events typically take place once every few months. I was lucky enough to attend two Curacao vegan events during my time on the island. Everything at this event is vegan. You can find everything from pastries, arepas, sweets, burgers, sauces, and much much more. Be sure to come hungry because you will want to try something from every single stand. For more information on the Vegan Curacao Event and to find out when the next one is taking place, be sure to look at the Official Vegan Curacao Event Facebook page.

Where to Grocery Shop on Curacao as a Vegan

There are several great grocery stores on Curacao that have fantastic vegan products. Obviously, you can find things like fruits, vegetables, and other standard food products at any grocery store. But if you are looking for specialty vegan items like fake meats, non-dairy cheeses, tofu, and more then you’ll have to go to these specific stores. Thankfully there are several places to choose from when picking your grocery store.

  • Best Grocery Stores on Curacao with Vegan Products
    • Vreugdenhil Supermarket-For the best assortment of vegan products, come to this supermarket. It is a little bit farther from downtown Willemstad but worth the trip. They have pretty much every kind of vegan product you could want, including many familiar brands. Vegan meats, vegan cheese, vegan pizza, and many other items can be found here. They also have a great produce section with decent pricing.
    • Carrefour Market Curacao-Carrefour is a big brand grocery store that is located in the main shopping mall, Sambil. The prices at Carrefour are a bit higher than the previous option but they also have a lot of great products. They even had some vegan products that I’d never seen before. Everything at Carrefour is more expensive than at other supermarkets but they have pretty much everything you could want.
    • Centrum Supermarket-Centrum is the most affordable supermarket on this list and is where you’ll find lots of locals. There are multiple locations on the island and they have some decent products here. You won’t find nearly as many vegan products at Centrum but what you do find will be more affordable than the other two. They also have a great produce section and overall a great big place to get your essentials.

Best Restaurants on Curacao-Curacao Vegan Guide Conclusion

As you can see, there are lots of great restaurants on Curacao with vegan options. And honestly, I probably missed some. There were a few places I went that had vegan options but they weren’t good enough to include in this list. As I mentioned above if you are lucky enough to be on the island during one of the vegan Curacao events, I highly recommend going to it. It’s super fun with a really chill atmosphere. The food is all delicious and it’s just so cool to be in that local vibe.

I hope that this Curacao vegan guide has helped you on your next trip! Be sure to check out my other Curacao Travel Content for even more information on this fantastic island! As always be sure to use websites like HappyCow to find even more options. If you found this guide to be useful, please consider joining my email list to be notified when I post new content. Also, be sure to follow me on social media to stay up to date with my travels in real. I genuinely appreciate you visiting my website. Thank you all so very much!

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